Shot on iPhone by superciaowei


Iceland is not a destination. It is an adventure. Travel to Iceland to experience the stunning Icelandic nature, the beauty of the rugged landscape and the creativity of the Icelandic people.

After traveling in so many cities , experiences so many different busy urban lifestyle , this is my first time to visit Iceland (out of city) , I was totally shocked , how the hell can this world being so amazing! and I will definitely visit Iceland again and again and again.

” Iceland , you are truly amazing “



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coming soon

iPhone Photography

I believe the power of photography

People always ask me  ” what camera do you use? “

I have to explain that I only use iPhone for like thousand times. Because people just don’t believe what they are ” holding ” can be so much creative, maybe in the future , I will  show you what’s possible with the iPhone , also introducing tons of  creative iPhone photographers/artists to inspire you. Just keep following up!