First time in New York

First time in New York


What does New York City mean to you?

A small bite of the delicious Big Apple… and ummm… you are hooked for life; for you have eaten the forbidden fruit and you know that! The taste of the city is such that it leaves you wanting more and more…

New York’s charm is you’re surrounded by the things you can’t have but it’s a great place to live when you’re young and not making a ton of money. Some areas are cheaper than a lot of Brooklyn…

I guess it is not surprise that New York is on the ‘bucket list’ of almost every person on this earth.

NY has been a dream city for me. And I know I will visit it one day eventually, or I can visit it anytime as long as I can.
But it still need some luck or maybe a chance when it pop up in my mind. And not worry too much.

New York City
New York City

So after 24 years, I finally made it to New York.
Just can’t believe it. It doesn’t feel real when I was visiting a foreign countries. Every time.

I know I couldn’t stay forever , I understand every moment is temporary. Even our lives.
So the best thing I cloud do is taking pictures, I just can’t help myself. Don’t even know if I got next chance. Of course no,every moment will no longer exist again.


First day arrived –

The first day arrived NYC , that was my best day ever. Since I’m so into city life and I’m really excited to visit my dream city for the first time. The view was amazing on the plane, it’s still dark but shining. I can see the contour of New York very clearly.

When I finally arrived, the sun is still rising, the sky is pink,yellow and soft.
I think to myself, I’m gonna return again,again and again.

Before I start exploring, I already fall in love with NY. How charming it is. Even tough you just hear the name only.
This is also my first time living in airbnb , what a local life. My host has two black cats,two beautiful childrens, and she works at home.
And thanks god ,this is not “running a business home”, it’s a sweet home which really share an extra room from their own apartment.

I can hear my host up early to make a coffee , and the voice of two children running around living room and their mom keep telling them ”shhhhhh” every morning. Trying to keep their voice down.

But I wouldn’t mind , I just love it.

They usually up at 7 am , out at 8 am and mom will return at 9-10 am, me and my friend usually out at 10 am.

Since my friend is already stay one week,and this is my first day. For the first few days, she guided me to every popular tourist spots. so then I can spend more time exploring the streets. Streets are the heart of the traveling for me. It could simply see the daily life of New Yorker. Locals from around the world.

New York City

New York City Looks –

People here are very busy ,serious face,stylish but actually have a warm heart. They would give you a hand when the suitcase is very heavy and you think you are gonna carry it all by yourself when you meet stairs.

They would ask if you need a help when you stand on the streets wondering which way to go.

People here have lots of story to tell. I could see it from their face. They look sad sometimes. They don’t smile a lot, they don’t say hello and ask how are you doing. Comparing to the other cities of united state. Or the countries I have been to. They just don’t talk too much.

Homeless around the metro. They like to tell their sad story in public and ask for any kinds of help.
I was surprised at first time,then I get used to it. Because you could see and hear it everyday when you take subway.

Homeless in San Francisco won’t do it. They just so quiet and wouldn’t say a word. Sitting there waiting for a help. But just get away from them at night.

Needless to say.  Crazy people everywhere.
I was wondering what drives them crazy and make them feel so hopeless for life. How do they become homeless. Cuz there are so many.

But it’s all part of this city, I won’t hate it. And I still feel safe in NY. Rumor has it that NY is dangerous.
I guess no place is actually safe. You just got to protect yourself.

New York City


Stranger in NY –

The other day. We were on our way to home.
I saw the girl and her mother holding hand on the street.
We walked pass by them. That girl suddenly slapped across my face. I was in shocked and didn’t know how to react.

What just happened?
Her mother was shocked too and I saw that girl
face clearly, and I know she didn’t mean it. She is sick.
Her mom was angry and make her say sorry to me. She asked the girl: how many people you slapped on the street today.
I said:it’s ok. Her mom said : no it’s not ok.
She told me she is trying to hold her both hands ,she didn’t want this to happen.

Her mom keep apologizing and all I can say is” it’s ok”. She gave me a warm hug and tell me how sorry she is.

It’s ok. I feel sorry for them too.

I wish I could do something to give anyone any kinds of help. I do my best to help people along the way. Anyone who needs help as long as I’m able to do it. One thing I’m proud of myself. 🙂

New York City


Somehow, New York did not let me down. It becomes my favorite city. And it definitely beyond my expectation. Wonderful city! No wonder people always dream about it. Now I truly get it.  The heartbeat of the world!

There are reasons and many more reasons why I simply love New York City, ever since the first time I stepped off the aircraft and set foot on the JFK Airport. Time flies and how… but love only increases.

New York can change in a minute, much less a day, a month, or a year.  An ordinary day can turn into an extraordinary experience in a New York minute.” True that!

New York also has a way of inspiring people and giving them a feeling that they can accomplish anything they set out to do. That’s how I feel when I walk the busy streets of NYC. On an ordinary day, you might find inspiration in any place, on the street, in the subway, at a Broadway show or in a sidewalk café. An amazing plethora of inspiring, smart, creative people dwell in the nooks and crannies of this city. Sometimes, even watching someone play violin in a park gives me the sense that this is one place where I can aim for the moon.

Give yourself a chance to visit here. New York is so big. I will be back for the rest of streets. See you then.

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